About Us

We are manufacturers of fine jewelry in Bethlehem.

Visit our showroom in the factory and enjoy factory prices on our finest handcrafted products right from the source, in the heart of the Holy Land.

Hagop the owner of the factory started as a skilled goldsmith producing unique pieces of jewelry for the tourist market in Jerusalem. As demand increased working capacity was not able to meet the demand, therefore he had the idea of producing one unique piece and then reproducing many similar pieces by casting. Casting needed new machinery and a larger workshop, so he moved to Bethlehem where property was cheaper.

Hagop Factory was founded in 1973 as one of the most prominent jewelry craftsmen and suppliers in Bethlehem, who managed to master the production and trade of the finest jewelry pieces, providing customers with high quality products and services. From one generation to the other, the owners of the factory engaged themselves in the diamond industry and became the sole manufacturers and wholesalers of diamond jewelry in the city attracting customers from all over the world, who come to visit the Holy Land and return home with a precious gem.

Diamonds exhibited at the showroom are delicately handled by our jewelers and setters, who produce transcendent pieces that are inspired by our classical collection or based on custom-made designs.

The new state-of-the-art showroom includes a collection of exquisite diamonds embedded within unique jewelry designs produced from the finest gold and silver on the market. In addition to jewelry our Ararat Souvenirs Shop offers all kinds of holy land souvenirs made of olive wood and other materials plus arts and crafts of the Holy Land.

Our objective is to provide you with a unique shopping experience, promising quality satisfaction, in a comfortable and personal setting.

We take pride in our work, and we continuously seek to provide you with the finest products and services.